Property Guard for Mortgage Lenders

Property Guard provides detailed Short Term Rental regulation data on over 20,000 US states, counties, and municipalities.

Reports provide a detailed overview of the legal landscape for STRs in each applicable jurisdiction.
When applicable, our team performs a manual validation of outstanding permits in each applicable jurisdiction on a given property.

A Concise Report to Validate Local STR Compliance

See Sample Report Here

How It Works

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Originator submits an address to Property Guard via our online platform
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Property Guard’s Data Validation team manually reviews our STR Compliance Database to ensure all data is up-to-date inside of the last 90 days of the query
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Where needed, our team will call and email into jurisdictions to get clarity on laws and ensure permit compliance
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Compliance reports are emailed to Lender upon completion of query validation

Why is STR Compliance Important for Lenders?

State and local jurisdictions are beginning to regulate STRs and enforce STR rules already in place
Mortgage lenders increasingly need to know if the property is in compliance with applicable jurisdictions
Fannie Mae requires loans with Short Term Rentals to be in compliance with local laws

[Lender] must ensure… that STR is legally permissible and in compliance with applicable laws and zoning [link]
Property Guard takes out the time-consuming hassle of manually validating STR laws and permit compliance