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The Problem:
When underwriting or acquiring a DSCR loan backed by short term rental income, how do you know the short term rental is legally operating in its state and local jurisdictions?


Percent of state and local jurisdictions that require permits to operate.*


Percent of local jurisdictions that have banned STRs.*

Our Solution:

Property Guard provides detailed Short Term Rental regulation data on over 20,000 US states, counties, and municipalities.
* Data per Property Guard's proprietary database; based on jurisdictions currently included as of 12/31/23

Property Guard for
Property Management

Property Guard helps you stop unauthorized
short term rentals.
Our platform provides real-time, 24/7 monitoring and notification of STR listings, so you can take action, fast.

Unauthorized Short Term Rentals Cause Problems - More Severe Than You Might Realize.

How can you ensure STR code compliance without a view of all
STRs in your geography?

Property Guard for

Property Guard’s lightweight solution provides data on every Short Term Rental in your community.

65 - 80%

Estimated price savings of property Guard compared to nearest competitor.

What our clients
say about us

As a town known for our thriving downtown business area, and our summer cottages (bringing increased tourism), we knew that permitting and enforcement was becoming harder to handle. While we welcome tourism and love the growth, we also want to do it correctly and eliminate or at least reduce complaints. Property Guard has helped us to create and launch custom algorithms that allow us to monitor the way we need to.

US CITY (Northeast)

Growth in funding commercial mortgages is surging. However, it can be difficult to identify restrictions in an area that may not allow for the business/loan purpose. Working with Property Guard allows our underwriters to expedite the process and have peace of mind. We highly recommend PG for any organization underwriting these types of situations. It allows us to offer expertise that could be painstakingly slow to gather without them.

Private Lending Institution

When you are managing over 10,000 apartments, it is so easy for things to fall through the cracks. Managing short term rental occurrences without a state of the art system has become impossible. Property Guard to the rescue. We now have a certain peace of mind that we are alerted when our communities are being listed on short term rental sites and we can take action well before we have a problem on our hands. Thank you, Property Guard.

Private Multi Family Communities

Monitoring is always top of mind for Worth Ross since property rules and restrictions need to be enforced and compliance with community rules is an ongoing issue (with short term rentals becoming more and more the norm). Property Guard helps us to monitor 24/7 and to receive alerts when owners (in our communities) are potentially breaking HOA rules by listing their unit on short-term rental websites. It’s truly been a major time saver for us, and time is money.

Property Management Company

Being a tourist area, we knew that we would have to deal with short term rental permitting, but we never expected the growth that we’ve seen. We simply can’t manage it without an automated process. Property Guard has allowed us to monitor all short term rentals in our jurisdiction and be able to alert (if needed) both the owner/host and the short term rental company very quickly. Now we feel confident that we have a handle on the short term rentals in Wildwood, NJ.

US City (Northeast)

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