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What we do

We recognized the challenges that property managers and building owners were facing in attempting to enforce laws and regulations. Unable to find a viable solution in the market that solves this growing problem, we built Property Guard.

How We Do It

Our proprietary technology and state-of-the-art mapping tools monitor listings across multiple websites to ensure nothing is missed.

After we’ve identified non-compliant listings, a thorough report is generated and delivered, providing real-time support and information.


What People are Saying


What Makes Us the #1 Choice?



  • We work collectively with experienced property managers and building owners.
  • Our combined machine learning technology and 24/7 support exceeds your expectations.
  • Automated notifications sent to your inbox as soon as a listing is posted.


  • Largest supply of short-term rental data available. We are continually expanding reach and refining services.
  • Wraps many public APIs to ensure ongoing availability.
  • We partner with the leading rental platforms to provide the fastest notifications.


  • Already used to actively manage thousands of STR.
  • The number one resource for leading property management firms across the globe.


  • Founded by experts with decades of experience in property management.
  • Built by the industry’s leading developers from rental channel management space.
  • Strategic partnerships with property management's most recognized and trusted names.

Interested in learning more about our services? We’re happy to work with you in finding a solution that meets your needs.


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