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Our Customers

Property Guard Customers

From HOA Boards to Property Managers to Asset Owners and Real-Estate Investors: Property Guard works with properties of all types – even boats! From every corner of the US and beyond - our clients have different goals but similar needs.


Does your property prohibit short-term rentals? Property Guard lets you find violators and contact them directly from your inbox.


Do you have restrictions (duration, frequency, capacity, etc.) that you need to enforce? Property Guard lets you see your exact traffic at your property.


Do you want to capture the volume and price of listings at your specific property? Property Guard lets you see listings across many platforms.


Do you also service the short-term rental market? Partner with us to leverage structured, hyper-located data from hundreds of thousands of listings.

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The Property Guard System

Our approach is simple yet innovative. We believe in casting a wide net and quickly screening out unnecessary data.

Our Engine

Custom built for performance

Searching all major listing sites

Serious Horsepower

We built our custom listing-finding engine from the ground up for one purpose: to cover a lot of ground, fast.

Total Coverage

Our engine was built for speed, but also adaptable. We are always adding additional sites to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace.

Our Algorithm

It's about making decisions quickly

After hundreds of thousands of validated data points, we've made our algorithm extremely good at determining who lists at your property.

Over a dozen factors (and growing) to leave no stone unturned

Our system digests the large dataset returned from the engine and returns actionable data for you to view.

Our Dashboard

Thinking about users

Data is only valuable if you can act on it: so we give you a dashboard to review everything and quickly make decisions and see trends.

Our Reporting

Insights delivered to your inbox

Busy? We get it, so we will send you brief updates on your property, when it makes sense, right to your inbox.

Daily Reports

Whenever we find a positive match, you'll get a daily summary with instant results.

Weekly Reports

Weekly traffic through your property delivered every week, rain or shine.

Filtered Views

Instant access to view and share new, validated, watched or ignored properties.

Portfolio Rollups

Have a large number of properties? Build and distribute portfolios for your company.

Our Notifications

Helping you close the loop

Have a positive match but having trouble with an exact address or name match? We've got you covered.

Contact Resident

Want to send a message to your resident? Let us broker it for you, right from your inbox. One button and you're done.

Contact Others

Need to route updates to municipal contacts or others in your organization? We automate that for you, too.

Our Company

Property Guard was created for property managers, by property managers. Whether former regional managers or former software property developers, we know how busy the average manager is and how many different software platforms they have to use.

We ended up asking ourselves the question:
our residents have technology for short-term rentals: shouldn't we?


Our leadership and advisory team represents decades of property management and software development experience.

Adam Rose

CEO, Co-Founder

Over a decade of experience helping to build SaaS applications and platforms. Adam has previous experience working in property management software for a leading startup in the space. Prior to his work in products he was a licensed professional engineer.

Matt Kopchak

COO, Co-Founder

Over a decade of experience in property operations. Matt has previous experience working for some of the largest management firms in the North America in various roles and has lead the implementation of streamlined processes and automation to drive revenue growth.

Luke Gordon

Technical Advisor

Over a decade of experience in software engineering at companies like IBM and software agencies like Dialexa. Luke has led teams that built and delivered some of the most complex software on the planet.

Bob Farrell


Over a decade of experience in B2B and enterprise sales. Bob has led teams and strategic initiatives centered around client needs: expanding service lines and features based on a user-centric approach.

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Our Growth

We have experienced steady growth in clients, listings, and validations throughout the previous three years.

  • Discovery

    We discovered no one had the features we needed or expected, so we began planning what would become Property Guard.

  • Version 1

    We built an engine and released our first version. By the end of our first year we had about 10 clients.

  • Version 2

    We continued to add to our validation algorithm (and our client list). By end of year we had processed over 75,000 listings.

  • Version 3

    We released a new engine and validation algorithm. Our client list grew well past 100 and we added our first partners.

  • Path Forward

    We expect to pass 1,000 clients and 1,000,000 listings as we continue to grow and serve our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions from our online support system.

How does it 'really' work?

We pair years of improvements in searching algorithms, built into our custom engine, with thousands of hours of experienced quality control employees who know all of the games and techniques that hosts try to play.

How can I tell when I need to act?

Within 24 hours you will receive a notification. Every week we will email you the activity at the property (including listings that are not yours) so you always know where you stand.

Do you do anything proactive?

Yes! We've found that the best way to reduce all of the unwanted headaches associated with STR violations is to provide you with ample digital and ready-to-print materials.

What about odd property boundaries?

We are able to feed your exact property outline into our system (not just a rectangle or circle approximation). From 10,000+ home HOAs to skyscrapers to everything in between, we can work with what you have.

Can you get me an actual address?

We check from 8-15 different aspects of every listing and compare that with our growing portfolio of your property - after we are set up we have the tools to find and identify most violators.

What about fake names?

We have a series of progressively unique and sophisticated ways to find these violators. Ask us about our new 100% identification guarantee.

Want to know all of our best practices?

After years of iterations on thousands of properties, we created a white paper that we'd like you to have.
For Free.

Short Term Rental Monitoring: Identification, Compliance & Notification Best Practices

Be Proactive. Not Reactive.

Get serious about focusing your time. Choose the perfect Property Guard plan to fit your work, your team and your requirements.


$ 59

per property
per month

Start today
This plan includes

The following features:

  • AirBnB Alerts
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Web Dashboard
  • Daily & Weekly Reports
  • Notification Requests
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Billed annually


$ 79

per property
per month

Start today
This plan includes

Everything in Starter, and:

  • HomeAway & Vrbo Alerts
  • Priority Support



for a custom

Start today
This plan includes

Everything in Standard, and:

  • Customized STR Alerts
  • Customized reporting



for a custom

Start today
This plan includes

This following features:

  • Customized STR Alerts
  • Customized reporting

Additional Value

Risk Free Trial

  • Property and user setup
  • Access to our system for two weeks
  • Summary analysis of your traffic
  • If you continue, the fee applied to your bill
  • If you do not, we refund your money

Enterprise Discounts

  • For more than 50 properties
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Discounts on annual fees
  • Discounted setup fees
  • Additional web user admins

Note. All plans billed annually.
All plans subject to an initial setup fee of $1/unit for our starter, standard and HOA plans and a flat fee for our advanced plans (minimum $250).

Case Study

Worth Ross Management Company

  • Founded: 1989
  • Employees: 418
  • Total Amount of Properties Managed: 83
  • Total Amount of Units Managed: 5,000+
  • Locations: Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, San Antonio


WRMC is a full-service, boutique association management company based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in the management of luxury high-rise condominiums in downtown Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth and San Antonio.


At WRMC, safety is the biggest concern for their clients and with numerous major events throughout the state of Texas each year such as ACL Music Festival, SXSW, and various professional and collegiate sporting events, not including the usual out of town travelers visiting each weekend. It became quite cumbersome to maintain property rules and restrictions enforced at their desirable high-rise condominiums for noise control, property damage, and parking. In order to stay compliant with community rules and be proactive in their management approach they needed a solution that would monitor all of their units 24/7 to alert them when residents were breaking HOA rules by listing their unit on short-term rental websites.

Action & Outcome

WRMC partnered with Property Guard in mid-2017 to monitor all of their properties in Texas to ensure compliance and safety were being met by the owners. By doing this they were able to eliminate time-consuming task of self-monitoring these websites and reviewing thousands of listings each day as well as minimize risk of unapproved guests, parking control, noise levels and property damage to the common areas and owners’ units.

"Property Guard enables us to serve our clients without any interference from short-term renters disturbing our communities. Our team can easily maintain full-control of each property knowing we have a watchdog on our side continually monitoring for unwanted activity."

Worth Ross President, Worth Ross Management

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