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Miami, FL

Data as of 3/31/24

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Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Applicable Jurisdiction State FL County Miami-Dade City Miami Beach HOA
Permit required YES YES YES
Has permit N/A - sample report N/A - sample report N/A - sample report
Permit expiration date N/A - sample report N/A - sample report N/A - sample report
Additional STR Laws
Is Owner Occupancy Required? NO NO NO
Limit on number of stays NO NO NO
Entity Limits on Permits per Owner? NO NO NO
Entity Limits on Total Permits in Geography? NO NO NO
License Transferability to other Parties? NO NO YES (See entity notes)
Limits on STRs in specific zones of entity? NO NO YES (See entity notes)
Entity Notes Permit Notes
State Permit: All vacation rentals in Florida must be licensed through the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) in order to operate.
County Permit: Any person or business who rents or leases any transient accommodations or short-term rentals for a period of 6 months or less is required to register for a Tourist Tax Account to collect and remit monthly Convention and Tourist Development taxes. Responsible parties must obtain a Certificate of Use (CU) prior to listing and advertising the property on any peer-to-peer platform. The cost is $36.70 per certificate. Upon applying for a CU, a property inspection will be scheduled. The cost for the inspection is $89.97, plus a $9.50 surcharge, for a total of $136.17.
City License Transferability: A transfer of the CU is permissible upon payment of the fee below and only when there has been a bona fide sale and transfer of the property used and employed in the business as stock and trade, and not otherwise; provided that the seller of the business shall present the CU to the zoning office and finance department with an endorsement assigning all right, title and interest to the purchaser, and the purchaser shall produce a properly executed bill of sale showing the transfer of stock from the person to the purchaser: $263.00

Limits on STRs in specific zones of entity: Lodging is only allowed (with certain exceptions) in the following zones:

T4-R: allowed by warrant
T4-L & T4-O: allowed by right
T5-R: allowed by exception
T5-L & T5-O: allowed by right
T6-R: allowed by exception
T6-L & T6-O: allowed by right
CI-HD: allowed by right
D1: allowed by right
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