Sample Property Guard Report

Dallas, TX

Data as of 3/31/24

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Dallas, TX 75227

Owner name(s)

N/A - sample report

Owner occupied?

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Prepared for

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Requested by

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Date completed


Case ID


Overall Results

STR allowed?


Permit required?


Permit compliant?

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Applicable Jurisdiction State TX County Dallas County City Dallas HOA
Permit required NO NO NO
Has permit N/A - sample report N/A - sample report N/A - sample report
Permit expiration date N/A - sample report N/A - sample report N/A - sample report
Additional STR Laws
Is Owner Occupancy Required? NO NO NO
Limit on number of stays NO NO NO
Entity Limits on Permits per Owner? NO NO NO
Entity Limits on Number of Permit? NO NO NO
License Transferability to other Parties? NO NO NO
Limits on STRs in specific zones of entity? NO NO YES (See entity notes)
Entity Notes Permit Notes
City Limits on STRs in specific zones of entity: Short-term rentals are allowed by right in the following zoning districts: MO(A), GO(A), multifamily, central area, mixed use, multiple commercial, and urban corridor districts.
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