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Chicago, IL

Data as of 3/31/24

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Chicago, IL 60637

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Overall Results

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Permit compliant?

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Applicable Jurisdiction State IL County Cook County City Chicago HOA
Permit required NO YES YES
Has permit N/A - sample report N/A - sample report N/A - sample report
Permit expiration date N/A - sample report N/A - sample report N/A - sample report
Additional STR Laws
Is Owner Occupancy Required? NO YES (See entity notes) YES (See entity notes)
Limit on number of stays NO NO NO
Entity Limits on Permits per Owner? YES (See entity notes) NO NO
Entity Limits on Number of Permit? NO NO NO
License Transferability to other Parties? NO NO NO
Limits on STRs in specific zones of entity? NO NO YES (See entity notes)
Entity Notes Permit Notes
County Owner Occupancy Required:
Home Based Business

1. Homeowner must live on the premises
2. Home must serve as a principal residence
Commercial Business

1. Whole house rental will be categorized as a commercial use.
2. Home must serve as the principal residence. Homeowner should be accessible to address any issues that may arise

The Cook County Department of Building and Zoning aims to ensure residential rental units comply with the minimum standards of habitation, occupancy, construction maintenance, proper use, appearance and with the building and zoning codes adopted by Cook County. A Residential Rental License is required to be obtained by the owner of each rental dwelling unit (including condominium units) in buildings of four (4) or more units.
City Owner Occupancy Required: Yes, any shared housing unit is the shared housing host's primary residence (Single-Family Units & Buildings with 2-4 Units). For Buildings with 5+ Units: Unit does not need to be Primary Residence

Entity Limits on Permits per Owner: For SIngle Home Units & Buildings with 2-4 Units - A maximum of 1 active rental is allowed. For BUILDING WITH 5+ UNITS - Maximum of one-quarter of the total number of dwelling units or 6 rental units, whichever is less.

Limits on STRs in spefcic zones of entity: Zoning restrictions detailed here
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